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  1. Only paid up card holding members are eligible for food and beverage rebates.

  2. All members must abide by the club rules and constitution.

  3.  Juniors will fall under their parents’ membership until they reach the age of eighteen (18) and will be a member until the clubs financial year end.

  4.  All spouses and children are automatic members of the above club and can enjoy all facilities but do not qualify to vote.

  5.  Members may not loan their cards to family and friends for discounts, and will have their card removed and cancelled if caught doing so.

  6.  The member will be responsible for their spouses and children’s actions.

  7.  A member living in common law for more than six (6) months with a partner may enjoy the same facilities as in (4) and (5).

  8. A member must at all times when representing the above club on his/her best behaviour and an Ambassador of the club.


  1.  No persons under the age of eighteen (18) may be in the bar.

  2.  Bad language will not be tolerated in the bar.

  3.  TIMES: 10.00hrs to 23.00hrs Monday to Sunday.

  4.  Dress code will be smart casual after 19.00hrs i.e. smart slops/sandals, shorts or slacks, tracksuits, smart casual shirts or golf shirts, (no vest like shirts), men must have sleeves.

  5. You may sign on the same guest/guests only twice in one month.

  6.  When signing in guest/guests you may not leave them unattended and they must leave when you leave. You will be held responsible for their behaviour.

  7.  No glasses or liquor may leave the clubs’ premises.

  8.  No alcohol or beverages may be brought onto the premises from elsewhere.

  9.  All transactions must be cash/credit card, or arrangements must be made with the clubs’ Secretary and Treasurer.

  10.  Males must not wear hats when entering the bar and must wear shirts.

  11.  No cigarettes, drinks or sitting is allowed on the pool table.


  1.  Members must keep their club house clean at all times.

  2.  Children under the age of twelve (12) years must be in attendance with their parents or a responsible person.

  3.  NO dogs allowed on the premises.

  4.  NO smoking in the lounge.

  5.  Please help by bringing in used glasses, bottles, chairs etc. after you have used them.

  6.  Members must wash off beach sand before entering the swimming pool.

  7.  If the creepy crawly is removed from the pool, please replace it in the water before leaving.

  8.  Members are asked to reprimand any member or non-member disobeying any of the above rules.

  9.  There is a complaints book in the bar where you may enter your complaint, which will be attended to at the next monthly Executive Committee meeting.


  1.  Members’ boats must carry a current seaworthy disc before going to sea.

  2.  Members must be in possession of a current skipper ticket before skipping a boat, or be accompanied by a qualified skipper.

  3.  Life jackets must be worn when entering and exiting the sea.

  4.  Boat engines may be warmed up at the taps provided by the Hibiscus Coast Municipality.

  5.  Skippers must sign indemnity forms supplied by the Hibiscus Coast Municipality., in the control tower before launching.

  6.  Members to try and assist other ski-boaters in the sport of angling, on and off the beach.

  7.  Members to abide by the Hibiscus Coast Municipality. by-laws.

Angling Rules

In an endeavour to restore natures balance and preserve one of the finest off-shore reefs on the South African coast, members have agreed to the following restrictions within the area between the Northern and Southern Pinnacles of Protea Reef as defined by the GPS co-ordinates on the chart below:


  2.  NO BAIT FISHING, either live or dead bait. Only artificial lures may be utilised.


  4.  The area will be CLOSED TO ALL ANGLING ACTIVITES during the period 1ST AUGUST TO 30TH NOVEMBER each year.



B1 S30.48.570 E30.29.037 : B2 S30.49.279 E30.30.744

B3 S30.51.932 E30.29.122 : B4 S30.51.226 E30.27.452

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Download the Club Constitution document

Download the 2013 International Angling Rules document