Once again I apologise for my actions regarding postings on Face Book, I certainly have learnt a grave lesson, and I must thank you all for supporting me through this.

This has been quite a year with a lot of money spent on maintenance, paving, tarmac, garden and computer system.

As far as the lease is concerned we have no news as yet but believe it is not long before we will hear something.

We are all concerned regarding the MPA and are still waiting for proposals from Ezemvelo KZN Wildlife, we cannot do anything about it until something has been put on the table. At this stage we have lots of support from concerned stakeholders including, businesses, charter associations, rate payer associations, all commercial entities and once we have something to go on we will call on all concerned parties. There will be a meeting on 15 January and if we have heard nothing from KZN Wildlife we will notify them that we will not negotiate anything until we receive their reports and scientific data. Our diversity is big so it will be interesting to see what they have. The ecologists say a healthy shark population is a healthy environment.

Competitions were good and can we can say the Club did well in Inter clubs and representing Natal. To Kurt, Charles and Juley, well done again in coming home with the medals, I think 4 medals from 5 competitions. I certainly hope more anglers will follow their paths.
We will be holding the Natal Inter Provincials early next year and we have also been awarded the Junior Nationals in July. Our Tournaments convenor will be calling on our members to help us out with boats. Our Bonanza will also be in July.

To all our staff thanks for being a good team and have accomplished a fairly good year, Gary and Clive thanks for being psychiatrist’s, doctors, Mothers, Fathers, Listeners and liars. We know you are under pressure at times and really appreciate what you do for the club and the same goes to Victoria, Lorraine and their team. Thank you.

To my committee this last year; Dick, Pieter, Elmar, Kurt, John and Mush, thank you all so much for your dedication.

To the working committee and sponsors committee of the bonanza, thank you so much and I think you will all agree it was the best so far. We want to recruit more members on the sponsors committee so that we will have a bigger and better Bonanza next year.
Last but not least thanks to Brenda for her help and dedication.

Welcome to the new committee members’ and hope this year will be the year of years.

A big thank you to all our members present at the 40th party it was a super day.

In closing I would like to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.